the sharp crackle of foam slowly expanding fills my ear canal; painfully, at first, before settling into a steady pressure. morning sounds fade away for a moment, as if the birds have just dropped dead. my footsteps make dull thuds from vibrations traveling upwards through my bones as the treble notes of boots against the floor of the deck never make it to my eardrums.

foggy morning air cuts straight through my jacket. i didn't bother closing up the vents, and i'm watching the rising sun making progress on burning up the air already. the cb isn't nearly as grouchy about getting a cold fast start the way the old lady was, and at the crest of the hill on the first straight, a white audi peels out of a side street. the shot would have been clear otherwise.

i'm tailing the audi, and i feel the stride open up under me with the enthusiasm from a full tank of gas and a long stretch of open throttle. we're neck and neck by the time we both have to slow for the intersection.


26 August 2014 07:48

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