"I don't like the word 'addict' because it has terrible connotations," Root says one day, as they are sunning themselves on the afterdeck. "Instead of slapping a label on you, the Germans would describe you as 'Morphiumsüchtig.' The verb suchen means to seek. So that might be translated, loosely, as 'morphine seeky' or even more loosely as 'morphine-seeking.' I prefer 'seeky' because it means that you have an inclination to seek morphine."

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Shaftoe says.

"Well, suppose you have a roof with a hole in it. That means it is a leaky roof. It's leaky all the time—even if it's not raining at the moment. But it's only leaking when it happens to be raining. In the same way, morphine-seeky means that you always have this tendency to look for morphine, even if you are not looking for it at the moment. But I prefer both of them to 'addict,' because they are adjectives modifying Bobby Shaftoe instead of a noun that obliterates Bobby Shaftoe."

---Cryptonomicon, Chapter 43: Shinola; Neal Stephenson

I remember a phase when everyone on the internet had their own personal webpage. Most of the time, it was some cheesy geocities/angelfire crap with blinkytext and hunt the wumpus javascript games. Nowadays, a lot of people still have personal webpages, but they're full of feeds and social media and rounded corners and other things to replace what's now considered gaudy bullshit. That doesn't make me like or dislike them any more. I'm still vain enough to spray my words all over this place.

You'll probably learn more about me from reading, because if you didn't care enough to read, I'm not sure why you're here.

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