it is a sunday night

i woke blearily this morning to the rattle of fledgling house sparrows pushing each other around in the space between the gutter and the patio's tin roof. lately, the seal between the roof and the wall has deteriorated to the point that heavy rain leaks through, a dribble of water running down the stone facade under the awning. i wonder how much i could blame the birds.

i fell in and out of intermittent naps, having unexpectedly overheated on the way to and from the farmer's market because in my grogginess leaving the house, i forgot to take off my flannel shirt, and didn't notice that i was still wearing it until i was almost home. rarely do i soak through my clothes with sweat, but this is a new response my body is learning, anyway.

my shoulders are always tight. some days, they are tighter than others. i struggle to shake the habits that cause this.

18 July 2021 22:53

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