"ma'am, you have to get out of here," the security guard shouted at me from her car. "you can't just roll around in here, you have to get out."

i looked around the empty parking lot with the gates open and no signs posted. i thought of many things i could shout back to her, like, "i didn't know that," or "okay, i'm going," or "don't call me ma'am," or "why isn't there a sign?"

but i just turned around and left without looking at her, as if all i wanted to do was bike down to one end of the parking lot and back and didn't hear anyone try to run me off.

later, i got looks from her and other security guards while i skated up and down the public sidewalks that wrapped around the parking lot. there was no reason i wouldn't be allowed to skate on the sidewalks. no one said anything to me.

25 September 2022 00:55

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