languages ranked in order of how much i can use them: english, chinese, german, and then a mishmash of ones i've picked up incidentally. so, whenever i'm adding something to that fourth category, all my german bubbles up in my memory.

nur ein bischen deutsch, a phrase that keeps rolling out of my consciousness. it's turning into: nur ein bischen svenska. i click through swedish lessons and tell myself it's the similarity in the languages that gets to me, but when i was blitz-learning italian out of a dictionary in the back of a bus, i'd still order food and end it with danke.

arabic sometimes wiggles through; i often say مرحبا when i mean mahalo, كيف حالك when i think of a stallword. but even when i flip through my notes i took at the time, i can't read them, because i've forgotten how to read.

i am trying to teach myself swedish. jag talar inte svenska.

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28 June 2018 22:32

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