Pre-Race Crack

I woke up an hour too late to make it to the race in time, because instead of the starting line being half a mile from my house like I had thought, it was downtown and there wasn't going to be any parking.

In the process of getting there, I was obliged to make another trip to China, a delivery run to return some library books. Why couldn't she just return them to the library on campus? Don't our campus libraries have reciprocity? But apparently, books that are sent through the mail are often held up at border control for months due to inspections, while books that are personally carried through the gates are generally waved on.

The trip wouldn't be until November, but I still didn't want to go. I'd only just gotten back from my last trip, and the taste was still bad in my mouth.

We got to the starting line just as the race was ending, but instead of having us run on roads, they opened up the track to let us do laps. I opted out, and instead, I watched.

My eyes are bleary and the thought of putting this mound of oatmeal into my stomach is nauseating, and I can hear the starting line party from my kitchen. Never have I been less enthused about running than this moment.

29 September 2013 07:48

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