coffeeneuring 2016; #1

this is my first year coffeeneuring! you can see my previous chasingmailboxes adventure here

i have a theme: stop exclusively at clp locations i haven't yet visited. also, i'm trying to ride slowly enough so i can hatch pokemon eggs while i go, but this is pretty difficult because the max speed is 6.5 mph, which is barely jogging pace.

i met a middle schooler who was out riding the trails with her father, and she was really excited to keep pace with me and chat about schoolteachers she didn't like, her friends who are diehard steelers fans, what color bikes she likes, which of her family members have died recently, what sports her sister plays, and other things that got caught by the wind as we pedaled.

the seat of my pants have been on their way out for a long time, and on this ride, i kept catching the nose of my saddle in the hole. also, the sole of my right shoe has detached so far that it gets stuck around my pedal. maybe i'll get around to patching this someday.

09 October 2016 18:03

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