This happens to me every time I buy a new notebook. There's angst about picking the one I feel like carrying around, there's the automatic copying over of data that I store with every notebook, and then there's the agonizing decision of how to violate the first page. At one point, I saved myself the trouble by filling the first few spreads with mundane calendar-type scratchings, just something to break up the image of a blank page. All that does is move the first true blank pages further into the section, but conceptually, it changes things enough to keep me from worrying.

I've been rolling over the concept for this page for months, and only started coding it days ago. At this point, I feel that I'm in danger of enjoying metathinking, rather than thinking, so I'm leaving this post here as a reminder to myself that this exists for a reason beyond just having a convoluted mess of subroutines to sort out.

18 September 2013 19:32

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