it's so humid

it's so humid that i cannot really see across the river, for all the water molecules trapped in the air. for all the pollen and the particles of burnt fuel and all the insects and all the fuzz from mammals shedding their coats.

on the trail ahead of me, a man paused. when i looked beyond him, i knew why; a deer was attempting to cross from one stand of trees to the next. it was probably a button buck. it almost didn't realize we were there. minutes later, i passed a group of children herded by a tired parent, but didn't bother telling them a deer was nearby.

countless toddling chipmunks scattered underfoot, some of them not even getting off the path when i pass them, because they don't see me as a threat. it's always the smallest animals that make the most noise, rustling the undergrowth in loud chattering fights. whole saplings shake when they fight, sometimes.

it's so humid.

01 June 2018 17:55

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