i remember the first time i rode this path in the dark, a small paved trail following an old water course next to the railroad tracks, slipping under highways that sound like distant rivers and crumbling slopes choked with vines. i didn't believe in running lights, but i'd also never tried to navigate an unfamiliar path so blindly. i stopped and pulled off into the grass because i saw an approaching eye in the next set of curves. the rider stopped and yelled when the beam passed over me, just as startled as i was.

'are you okay?'

'yeah, i'm fine.' i waved the other rider on. just spooked. didn't want to talk to anyone.

tonight, my battery flickered on and off, my pants moist and clinging to my legs after a recent downpour. my shadow spread long in front of me, cast by an approaching rider from behind. at the same time as i was getting passed, an animal darted across our paths.

'holy crap! a possum! yee haw! what a great night!' yelled the other rider.

'hell yeah!' i replied, giving a honk on my rubber horn.

16 May 2018 22:40

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