library puzzle

when i walked to the library today, i saw a sign on the door: "computers and wifi are down today; sorry for the inconvenience!"

it's a day off for me, and i planned on soaking up library bandwidth while decompressing from my previous few days of attempting to be a human. but, then again, i don't need wifi for that to happen; this branch puts out a 1k piece puzzle regularly, and bucolic landscape scene for today had an obvious error. the collective strangers who assembled the border had shortened it by several pieces, forcing unmatched edges to press together, and cheating some of the interior elements.

i spent three hours untangling it gently, like working loose a ball of yarn that a cat had wrestled. i didn't want to speak to anyone else while doing this, but a stranger swung by and offered to help, mostly as a means of trying to make conversation. i almost felt bad about my sluggish, non-committal responses, but i had target-locked on the offending errors so much that i could not spare much energy to realize that someone giving me their name was in turn asking me for mine.

the upper left quadrant of this puzzle is a flat, blue sky, with several dozen pieces that all look alike. i'll leave that for someone else to worry about.

19 April 2018 15:30

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