find my phone

for a few hours, i didn't know where my phone was, and this was disorienting.

it's trendy to have phone vacations; it's trendy to have neurotic behaviors to modulate your neurotic relationship to your phone. but for an hour, i swept each room i'd been in over and over, describing my phone to everyone in sight, and finally gave up and went home, thinking i'd deal with it the next day. sometimes, my phone is in my way, and i'll just slot it into some out of the way location that is very clever in the moment and extremely unhelpful once i have forgotten that moment. of course that's what happened, i told myself. i'd find it the next day.

but hours later, i went back to my office and paced back and forth, retracing my steps desperately as my memories of retracing my steps slowly overrode my actual memories of the steps i was retracing.

i checked my email, though, with stashed credentials on my computer, and saw an email from someone who had picked up my phone and was happy to meet me to return it.

18 April 2018 22:31

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