dogwalking stories

in one hand, i held a leash to a small nervous terrier. we approached a dark red minivan, parked wildly against the curb, the engine still idling. i could see a large dog pressing its face against the driver side window. i expected to approach and see the dog sitting on someone's lap, but instead, it was just a dog sitting in the front seat, and a second dog sitting in the passenger seat. when i made eye contact with the driver dog, he immediately started chewing on the door. a chorus of barks exploded from the van, and i realized there were dogs in the back, as well.

a large person descended from the house, laughing.

'i'm sorry,' i stammered, backing up from where i was peering into the tinted windows. 'it's just kinda weird, to see this one dog sitting there like it's driving, and this other dog next to it, and a third dog in the back.'

'hahahaha, there's five dogs!'

'are they all yours?'

'yep, and they're craaaaaaaazy!'

after the dog-human got into the van, it peeled away. the dog on the end of my leash didn't acknowledge this exchange.

06 April 2018 21:34

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