doggy naptime

at one point, the shelter realized that the dogs were chronically sleep-deprived. constant challenges from unseen bodies, expectations of performance, and artificial light cycles stressed them out; they were getting sick, tired, high-strung. so, they instituted doggy naptime.

right after my morning walking shift, the lights in the main room were dimmed, and a cart full of frozen peanut butter kongs traveled down the aisle. each dog was given one to gnaw, silencing the howls for a few minutes each, enough to work our way across the entire floor and tuck them in for a good nap.

at the end of the distribution, half the dogs would be asleep, while the other half sat quietly with their treats, finding a space where they were challenged less by the pressures of their circumstances.

sometimes, i'd crawl into a kennel and doze with one.

05 April 2018 20:32

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