on today's hike

hello, woodpecker.

i cannot help but stay impressed at the diligence with which you smash your face repeatedly into that tree remnant. out of the corner of my eye, i was startled by the motion; the way the dark, rotten splotch wrapped around the stump looked like a small bear, your ratcheting head a potential paw clawing through the bark. to be honest, the coloring reminded me of a red panda, and it was only after reminding myself that those don't roam western pennsylvania that i realized it was just a bird.

wood chips scatter into the snow below you; you look like you're having a good day. i passed a sign on my way to your realm, warning hikers of heavy machinery harvesting wood from trees that died of insect disease. this is good news for you, woodpecker, if you can eat your fill before we take all the logs away.

24 March 2018 21:20

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