fortune favors

i saw a crumpled wad of bills on the ground; no one else was in the hallway. i stopped my bike and snatched it, feeling lucky, but the spectre of guilt brushed over my hand as i reached for it.

seven dollars, i tucked into my pocket. i don't need an extra seven dollars, but i'm not going to turn it down. should i have left it for someone who needed it more? how does one measure need?

one summer, when i didn't know how to take care of my needs properly, i found twenty dollars on the sidewalk. that summer, my roommate didn't ask me for any money for utilities, and occasionally made me dinner; of course, he'd see the stacks of ramen wrappers in the garbage, and notice that i often either slept all day or wasn't around at all. i spent twenty dollars on newcastle brown ale bottles in the basement lounge where i'd been trying to cut my teeth on poetry slams.

later this week, i might spend seven dollars on a mug of beer at the bar where i've been there so much they often don't bother charging me.

i'm okay with my habits, usually.

06 March 2018 23:41

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