sometimes, i am aware that there is a force in the world that insist upon moving an object into a certain position, and it seems that nothing i do can convince it to stop.

in the past, it was a camera stand that i would often find rotated so that it was in use backwards; i dutifully returned it to its original arrangement every time, only to find that it's been turned again the next week. one semester, i gave up arranging the magnets holding up signage on the door into what i believed was the optimal distribution, because i'd hear a clack-clack-clack once i was out of sight, from someone moving them back.

i cannot quite understand this semester's mystery; a lens, mounted into one of the enlarger, keeps becoming inverted, such that one cannot change the apertures or read its focal length. i am not sure what benefit there is to be gained by flipping the lens. i've flipped it back twice; it's the same enlarger, and i assume the same student.

19 February 2018 21:19

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