deja vu

this morning felt like most mornings until i reached for my apron in the back of the upper shelf in the right-hand cabinet in the darkroom, groping for an object i know to be there. when i felt the familiar stiff plasticized fabric, i remembered a dream in which someone gave me two identical leather aprons, and i left one at my house and brought the other to work.

i stood in the dark, holding the apron i knew to be the correct one that has been here since before i have been here, and could not convince myself that i had woken up, gotten out of bed, and came to work hours earlier.

there's a taste i get in my mouth when i am dreaming, which cues me that i am dreaming, and i could not taste that; thus, i knew it was safe to proceed with my day as if i was awake.

29 January 2018 18:15

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