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last dark

and then i looked up at the sky and said, 'hey, this is probably the last time we'll be under a night sky for a month.'

so i breathed the cool air, looked for the speckling of stars, watched the city-lit clouds scrape between the trees, and sighed.

on hiatus for a month

23 July 2018 00:41


a cloud slowly builds in loft until a tuft breaks loose and ejects itself.

all the ceiling fans have loose bearings that click and rattle ominously.

sweat pools off the tip of my nose when i'm stressed out and in this weather.

squirrels lay flat on their bellies to creep across the road.

i hand-sorted all my coins into stacks so i can roll them later.

01 July 2018 22:57


i jumped when i saw the fluffy lump ruffling at the side of the road; it looked like a flattened animal, raising its tail in a sluggish wave. it was just a roll of tree debris, gently fluttering in the wind.

small animals scrabble in the dying hemlocks outside my window, and i mistook it for the sound of someone rooting through our trash.

my potatoes have peeked into the air.

18 May 2018 23:07

gritting gears

i feel like i've been fixing the same three objects forever.

this typewriter came to me with a dead engine; i took it apart twice before i figured out how to fix the engine and put it back. when i turned it on, a clattering sound showed me a jammed key. of course, i shouldn't have thought that the only problem with it was a dead engine. in the process of trying to trace the jammed key, the drivetrain slipped out of alignment again.

maybe next time.

01 May 2018 20:15


There are mornings when I wake up and feel so sad I could burst from the seams of my chest, but simultaneously am so in love with the world and grateful to feel at all that I can do little more than throw back my head and howl in laughter at the world. There are mornings when all I can do is look around me and wonder how much of my time I am wasting away.

09 December 2013 09:05

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