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The sky feels infinitely distant even though I'm aware it has a finite thickness. I'm pouring all of my sidethoughts into another place for it to stay. I am only a vessel for the rest of the world.

Iron and tannins in the water stain my teeth, and it becomes hard for me to keep my head out of the clouds. I am torn between knowing I know everything and knowing I know nothing, and reminding myself to live in the grey. I should learn to give more people the benefit of the doubt, and I should learn not to trust first impressions.

I get an unrestrained pleasure out of scrubbing bathtubs, and sometimes I forget to brush my teeth for days. I live in ways that would horrify my parents, but I'm working hard to let them know that I'm okay. I'm okay. I'll be okay, always. Today, I worked my muscles; this weekend, I ride.

10 October 2013 23:32

The Resilience of Souls

It only seems like a dim memory now, but there was a chunk of my life when I was convinced I had lost my soul, that it was crushed out of me, torn away, extinguished. I never thought about it again after that period, because it was that turbulent zone from age 17 to 20 when everyone thinks their life is ending.

And it's only when someone tells me they're glad to talk to someone who has a big, healthy soul, and who cares about things and has things to say and loves all of humanity, that I know it's going to be okay.

22 September 2013 15:07

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