Stacey's Optimism

"Shit," I cursed, banging the block against the slot in the wall over and over again. "It's not gonna fit!"

We were told this was the way out, and sent off without much further instruction. I fumbled in the dim blue glow, feeling for the edges of the slot, trying to gauge the angles.

"Calm down, Chester." All I could see of Stacey was a black smudge fading into the darkness of the rest of the tunnel, an outline of black fur and a human head with short platinum hair sticking out of the top. She sat cross-legged, calmly, with the gorilla mask in her lap.

She was eating the last of our food.

"Could you like, save that for later?"

"Why? I'm hungry now. I like cheese."

"'cause I dunno when we're gonna find food again, alright? Cut it out." I was snapping at her, but we really needed to keep moving. I turned back to the dead end; nothing I said would have stopped her from anything. I kept running my hands over the wall. Surely, I must have missed something.

The munching noises stopped before long, and shortly afterwards, the blue glow faded. I spun around.

"C'mon, Stacey, you're supposed to be holding that up for me," I protested, looking around in the darkness for the glowing card. She was still holding it, but instead of aiming it towards the wall so I could see, she had it propped up on the back of the mask and was scribbling all over it.

"Calm down, Chester," she said again. It was infuriating, and I could see her rolling her eyes at me in the blue glow reflecting off her face. "I've got this."

She stood up, cheese crumbs and gorilla mask spilling to the floor in front of her, and stepped lightly towards the wall. Without hesitation, she placed the glowing punchcard against a spot that I could have sworn I already checked, and it stayed there as she removed her hand.

Light streamed through the holes, and I could see that she connected them to form the outline of a key. We both scrambled backwards, hands over our eyes; it was blinding, and a cool voice cut through the moment I shut my eyes against the light.

Welcome to the Transgraphical Network Interface. Please retrieve your ticket below. Leave no posessions behind.

When I squinted through my hands, Stacey had already plucked the scrap of paper from the wall, and the card slowly merged with the rock. She gave me a wink, pulled the block from my hand, and fit it neatly into the slot that I couldn't seem to handle.

The space rectangle on the wall that used to be the punch card grew and grew until it reached the ground, then gave a shimmering shudder and faded. It left behind a hole as perfectly smooth as if a knife had cut through the rock, and the scepter we'd been looking for floated in the empty space.

"It's mine! I saw it first." Stacey's small hands closed around it before I could protest.

Today's inventory as provided by @YouAreCarrying:
  • a piece of cheese
  • a hexagonal block
  • a ticket
  • a blue punch card
  • a blue pen
  • a sceptre
  • a shiny key
  • a gorilla suit

16 July 2014 15:12

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