4 november 2018

when i walk to the bathroom with the backlight of my ereader leading the way, i see a spider rotating chaotically in the space in front of my knees. somehow, it clung to me. i plucked a thread i could not see, trusting that i had captured it only because its swinging became more erratic, and stuck the strand to the bathroom sink.

do insects understand when they are inside, or is the indoor/outdoor divide only a human construction? ants march along my windowsill in seeming confusion, even after i wipe down their paths with ammonia day after day.

once, a spider fell into the large format printer at work and got run over by the print hear, rows and rows of ink sealing it into the paper. nothing in the history of spiderhood prior to that moment could have prepared it for such an experience.

what is an equivalent disaster for a human being?

09 November 2018 00:40

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