Errandonnee 7-12

Today's Errandonnee trip brought to you by: fuck, I didn't think it was going to start snowing again; why ride a mile to the grocery store when I can ride twelve miles to an identical grocery store; and, bike shop bro don't make fun of my beater.

7. Lunch

For lunch, I brought a jar of rice and beans to my office to use the staff microwave, then biked it over to the park to eat it. Winter bike gloves make wonderful ad-hoc oven mitts.

8. Library

I tried valiantly to finish reading Wolf Totem so I could return it. I did not, so I had to drag that book through the rest of my errands.

9. Bike Shop

Due to a failed bike shop run yesterday, I had to do another one today. I should mount a spare saddle to my rack as my passenger seat.

10. Grocery Store

There are no sane bike lockup places at the Waterfront, and I cannot bike faster than a train.

11. Coffee

While having a cup of hot chocolate, I popped off my boots because my feet were super sweaty. Hiking boots are really not the best for long bike rides.

12. Non-Grocery Store

It started snowing and I still had about three miles of mileage-padding. Errandonneeuring is funny like that.

Total trip mileage: 17.2

Time elapsed (from start of first task): 29 hours

This was an interesting endeavor; usually, I am so opposed to taking inefficient routes that I'll suffer biking through incredibly unfriendly road segments just to avoid adding an extra quarter mile to my day.

08 March 2014 21:20

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