The sky feels infinitely distant even though I'm aware it has a finite thickness. I'm pouring all of my sidethoughts into another place for it to stay. I am only a vessel for the rest of the world.

Iron and tannins in the water stain my teeth, and it becomes hard for me to keep my head out of the clouds. I am torn between knowing I know everything and knowing I know nothing, and reminding myself to live in the grey. I should learn to give more people the benefit of the doubt, and I should learn not to trust first impressions.

I get an unrestrained pleasure out of scrubbing bathtubs, and sometimes I forget to brush my teeth for days. I live in ways that would horrify my parents, but I'm working hard to let them know that I'm okay. I'm okay. I'll be okay, always. Today, I worked my muscles; this weekend, I ride.

10 October 2013 23:32

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