the doglog archives #6

excerpts from my notes when i walked dogs at the local pound

First to go out was Lady, a tan pitty. We went to the small pen in the back, where she seemed perfectly happy to more or less ignore me and play on her own. Her manners weren't particularly great, and she grazed my chin with her teeth when I was putting on her leash.

Charlie is still there, and not doing that well. He was marked for leash-biting, but left the lead along while I took him out; he also pooped in his kennel even though he seemed more or less housebroken when I started to walk him weeks ago. He seemed easily confused and agitated by things like bushes and poles, and peed in short spurts here and there rather than one long stream. On return to his kennel, he stole the leash right out of my hand and then tried to pull my coat burrons through.

I took out ollie next, a blue pittie who I'm sure has some Weimeraner mix in him. He refused to stray far from me and helled regardless of whether or not the leash was on him. After a short stroll through the main room, we went on a longer walk down the block.

Morgan, a brindle pittie, came out with me to the long run. She apparently needs chill-out time before going out, an she is quite a nut job. One of the other walkers claimed that Morgan was her favorite, and while I couldn't understand why, Morgan seemed so happy to see her that I had to believe it. I suppose some people don't get why I connect with some dogs, too.

Boss Lady was renamed Melinda, and was in both a cone and a shirt, though marked okay for walks, so I took her for a short one just to stretch her legs. I have never walked a dog with a cone until today, and it is the most hilarious thing.

Talbot went home already.

january 31, 2012

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