the doglog archives #5

excerpts from my notes when i walked dogs at the local pound

I got in after 9:00 today, but many dogs had jet to be walked. Some of them were unknown large and strong ones, and despite the fact that I did not know if they would get out at all, I wasn't in the mood for a fight of brute force, so I skipped over them.

Charlie had a hold on him for a potential adopter, so I took him out and tried to focus on his behavior to get him ready. He was doing fair with commands and recalls, but on the way back from the long run, he started fighting with his leach and bit and pulled at it. I managed to get him redirected to a ball after some amount of struggling.

After that, I took out Boss Lady, a five-month old black with white tips pittie pup whose family didn't bother to teach her to be good and realized that they couldn't handle that destructive puppy energy. She was excessively jumpy and mouthy, doing her damndest to chew the buttons off my coat, and had no respect for the leash at all. I could only hope to burn off some of her energy and keep her at arm's length, since she wasn't very strong.

Talbot still hadn't been out, so I took him last. His sheet was marked to say that he was not that well-behaved and a puller, but he responded to my commands quickly and spent a lot of time getting cuddles.

Vaska actually got adopted from his foster home. Shy went out as well.

january 26, 2012

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