the doglog archives #4

excerpts from my notes when i walked dogs at the local pound

Shadow went home over the weekend; for lack of a fallback easy dog to take out, the day has been exhausting.

I took Rylee out for a longer stroll down Hamilton and back. It was a windy day, and she froze and checked back over her shoulder at me whenever a particularly strong gust swept up the street behind us.

Wren was kenneled not too far away, so I took her out since she was so small and seemed easier to handle. As it turned out, she doesn't understand what leashes are for, and kept choking herself rather than chill out and walk nicely. We went to the small pen in the back so she could have a break and mess around a little; Martha was in the long run and teased her through the fence.

Charlie was still around, so I took him up to the long run to get some good leg stretching done. He is starting to get used to me and learning recalls well, though sometimes he can't help tackling me to say hi instead of sitting nicely.

Kong needed to go out, and there were few chill dogs left, so I took him out as a test to see how I could handle an ostrich. He was by far the hardest dog I've handled due to his strength and lack of leash manners. I took him up to the small pen and hoped to le him burn off energy before taking him back, but he still yanked me all over the place. He doesn't really know his name or how to listen to humans, so I don't know how good his chances are of going home.

Emilio, a rather massive GSD/chow, has been marked as an escaper. Shy, ad new girl, is an IG/JRT in one of the small crates, who tail-tucked and barely looked at me but cautiously approached the door. A pair of hound puppies are in the pen, and they clamor constantly for attention, though they're a bit nippy. Talbot, a GSD/Boxer, just arrived, and seems appropriately well-behaved.

january 24, 2012

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