the doglog archives #3

excerpts from my notes when i walked dogs at the local pound

On a whim, I took an additional walking day and brought a camera with which to photograph some of the dogs for the adoption listings.

Shadow had already been out, but I took him anyway, and he pooped for me as usual. He demanded love and hugs and would not sit still for a photograph. On returning him to the kennel, another walker informed me that she had just taken him out, so I had to give photographing him as an excuse for walking him again.

I took Charlie out for a walk and some photographs; he is responding to come and sit commands very well.

Rocky, a brindle pitty, was about to get his kennel cleaned, so I took him out next. He was apparently rarely walked, but knew how to fetch and return balls far better than most other dogs there.

A tan pitty with one brown and one blue eye needed to go out, and I thought she would serve well for photographs. Her name was Daisy, previously Diamond, and she was brought in by someone who was watching her for a neighbor and the neighbor refused to take her back. She had spent most of her time tethered in an unfenced yar, and was very anxious and badly socialized. She spent most of the time panic-running around the side dog run, ignored almost all human contact, and screamed her head off at all the other dogs within her sight range.

Wren was nowhere to be seen, and I saw nothing to indicate where she might have been moved to. A pair of extremely obnoxious dachshunds are using the puppy pen. George mouthed my hand a little more than he shouldhave; the dogs in the exit aisle have been, supposedly, getting cage-aggressive.

january 20, 2012

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