the doglog archives #2

excerpts from my notes when i walked dogs at the local pound

I checked on Shadow first thing; he had been out already, but hadn't yet pooped, so I took him out again. He was much better than before, pooped twice for me and showed that he could lift his leg to pee. I am not sure it's a good thing that he gets along with me this well, exclusively, and hope he gets out soon.

I took Midnight, a small black pitty mix, out for a quick romp through the main run, and then Charlie, who was previously Jake. Both dogs respond occasionally to voice commands.

Vaska has been moved to foster care, and all the puppies have homes.

A new little girl named Wren, a thirty pound tan pitty, was picked up as a stray; she seemed very wary and confused, but did come to the door to meet me.

january 19, 2012

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