the doglog archives #1

excerpts from my notes when i walked dogs at the local pound

For my first walk, I looked for a dog under 50 lbs and known to have some amount of manners. Jake, a black and white hound mix, stuck out a little for being mildly behaved in the kennel, but turned out to be quite the puller. We went as far as the first corner after the bridge, and I learned a lot of leash control.

Shadow, a 7-year-old black and tan Gordon's Setter struck me as one to go next. He gave me the distinct impression of being worried and confused, but once we got up to the long run, he calmed down and took off for many laps, demanded belly rubs, and showed me that he knew his name and how to sit nicely. He appeared freshly fixed and not quite sure how to pee well yet. Supposedly, his owner's wife didn't want him around anymore.

There was a trio of month-old shepherd pups that were found abandoned in Mt. Oliver, and one of the older boxers still remained, being given medical treatment.

Vaska has yet to be adopted, and I am worried that he'll never make it out.

Foxy and Rylee are no longer neighbors, and Gizmo has been moved to the far corner.

january 17, 2012

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