Month of Desire

Adventure season is right around the corner; in the past, I have cheekily claimed that it is never not time for adventure, but the usual sudden onset of spring makes me tempted to quit my job on the spot and wander off for the indefinite future.

There's a headwind no matter which direction my bicycle is pushing and it only forces me to work harder for every unit of velocity. I climb until my hands are raw and my joints pop, and I loathe sitting indoors when I can still see the sky taunting me with its cerulean leer. Slowly, I realize that it is okay to stand up hard with both legs and throw my off-hand for the lip that doesn't look like it will hold; I'm tied in and nothing that bad can happen if I miss.

I want to be barefoot for at least a week straight and let my socks and shoes and slippers air out; I want to strap the hammock to the porch and watch the sun go down over a beer and a book. I'm pummeling my todo lists to death out of aggravation that I do not yet feel like there is something big on the horizon. Big things only happen to people when they ask for them, so what am i waiting for?

30 March 2014 17:00

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