Taking Stock, Again

I only just remembered that I should think about planning and planting soon, despite the stubbornness of the season.

This past year was a low point in managing to eat what I grow; I missed the early part of the planting season, and was out of town too much to care for what I had in the dirt. Insects took a portion of the crop; construction on the porch took another. Too many freeze cycles have finally crushed the brussels sprouts that failed to thrive when I put them in the ground. I still hold out hope for the chives and green onions.

On hand, I have last year's leftover seeds and a packet of Oxheart tomatoes. The porch is back, and the front garden has spent a year recovering from the massive weeding endeavor. The spider plants are anxious for some room to spread out, and the geraniums have refused to die (much to my dismay). I'm expecting the usual influx of tomato seedlings and kale adolescents from my father, who cannot resist filling every available space on my porch with plants he personally coaxed out of the earth.

25 March 2014 12:14

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