Last Call for Winter

There's ice on the inside of the kitchen window again but that doesn't stop the dog from burying her excessively long snout into the back of my legs to direct me towards the door the moment I am out of bed. I'm sure she's already forgotten how cold the ground outside is, since it's been hours since her morning pee. And yet, once her leash is clipped into place and she reaches the concrete, she pulls her feet away as if bitten, and no dance she performs can keep all four feet off the ground at once.

We walk miles, and soon, she forgets the pain. I envy her; we tried to climb a slab of cold New England granite on the first day of the year, and once my hands froze to the wall, I had to abort.

I've had to make two trips to the grocery store because despite a bag of lemons being the reason I went in the first place, I managed to forget to pick one up. Instead, my first run included bananas, apples, cheese, butter, oatmeal, and peanut butter, while my second run was solely for fourteen small lemons. It will take us perhaps two weeks to finish them.

13 March 2014 20:37

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