Choo Choo

The sun is out but ice still hides in the valleys; we go outside knowing that this is our chance to inhale radiation before another freeze blows through. Tomorrow, I will have a dog for a week. I can run in the trails and follow the path of teenagers blazing it up under the bridge and laugh when they're spooked that I'm pounding through the mud going over their heads. The delivery came in a box the size of an office wastebasket but was marked 47 lbs; it leaked white powder all the way down the hallway and I shook my head awkwardly and smiled and nodded my way past the receptionist who held it for us. Someone in Columbus is severely bad at packaging shipments, and I'm surprised that it made it through to us without getting pulled for inspection. Columbus isn't that far. No one is capable of appearing like a reasonable human in any official identification document photograph, but now I have a spare in case I need to apply for another visa in the next six months. At least my face wasn't swollen from oral surgery this time.

10 March 2014 19:28

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