Errandonnee 1-6

I'm participating in Errandonnee 2014, with the additional self-imposed restraint of completing it in 48 hours. Here's the report for yesterday:

1: Health

Went bouldering. As it turns out, bouldering with a sinus headache blows.

2: Bike Shop

Went to get a new chain. The shop is apparently closed for inventory all week.

3: Dinner

Got spontaneously brought home for dinner by a friend. Said friend makes delicious meatballs.

4: Wildcard

Checked my PO box. I have not gotten mail addressed to me since the last time I checked my PO box.

5: Coffee

Grabbed a cappuccino and drew the furniture in the coffee shop. Reconnected with a pen I haven't used for drawing in years.

6: Health

Went to the bar for a pint. Nitro IPAs are delicious.

Total trip mileage: 13.2

08 March 2014 13:03

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