Four-Stroke Dreams

Sometimes, a song spontaneously pops into my head when I am moving around in the world. What I miss most about motorcycling these days is hitting the right resonance to fill the inside of my helmet with noise, that there were certain songs I could gently hum to fill the spaces left by a spluttering, inconsistent engine. Sometimes, I'm belting song lyrics at the top of my lungs while flying down the street, and I don't realize that I'm audibly singing until I pass a group of people waiting for a bus and they all turn their heads to stare.

There's one motorcycle I have in my sights, and the production numbers were so low last year that by the time I decided it was okay to drop six grand on a personal transportation device, there were none left. I sweated through the entire winter waiting for Honda to make the right call with their 2014 lineup, that they would realize the number of people who maintain a love for dinky little bikes outstrips the number of bikes that are on the road. But that bike's coming up again, and when I feel like suppressing the horrendous taste in my mouth that comes from talking to dealerships, maybe I'll have a bike again.

28 February 2014 15:09

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