what the hell ever apple crumble

friends who travel will sometimes text me while they are packing, realizing that they've left more perishables in their fridge than they can reasonably eat before they leave. 'do you want these?' they ask. even if i can't eat them myself, i accept them; the remains get chopped up and fed to the compost, which will become dirt for next year's garden.

there are dozens of apples piling up on top of my fridge. the most desperate, a quad of golden delicious, are soft to the touch. every morning since we adopted them, i smell apples whenever i open the freezer to get to the ice cubes.

'apple crumble,' i tell myself. 'i can make apple crumble.'

i looked up recipes from the internet and wrote down proportions. i appreciate when measurements are given by weight, instead of volume. dutifully, i tared the mixing bowl over the kitchen scale and started measuring out flour. by the third scoop, i was bored of reading numbers, and i knew i didn't have enough butter, and that i'd want to put in more oatmeal, and that i've never agreed with anyone else's spice mixes. so, i winged it.

the full recipe

filling (mixed in a pyrex dish):


bake at 350F for like ~60m, or until it looks done

10 May 2018 20:30

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