coffeeneuring 2016; #2

this is my first year coffeeneuring! you can see my previous chasingmailboxes adventure here

i have a theme: stop exclusively at clp locations i haven't yet visited. also, i'm trying to ride slowly enough so i can hatch pokemon eggs while i go, but this is pretty difficult because the max speed is 6.5 mph, which is barely jogging pace.

this entry is written up fairly late; i haven't had a great week for getting things off my task list. this ride actually happened on saturday, 10/15.

i was sick this week, so i picked a closer target that i thought would give me a lazy, short ride along the river trails. i did not fully understand how much of those trails were inaccessible due to construction on a private section of land that the trail crosses over; i ended up rerouting down a straight, fast section of road that i've always loved taking at inappropriate speeds on my motorcycle.

i tried to stick to the sidewalk, but a set of semi-permanent road work signs and sandbags blocked so much of the sidewalk that i gave up and started walking my bike through the debris. at one point, a pack of cyclists on roadies and bike shorts blew by, waving at me, so i hopped off the curb and drafted behind them. i figured as long as i was going to ride on a road that was shitty for bicycles, i might as well take advantage of some herd support.

i had a cup of tea out of my thermos in the hazelwood library parking lot. the main drag in hazelwood is not a really friendly place for bicycles, but lots of neighborhood kids rode around between traffic bubbles. my conspicuously orange bike gets a lot of appreciation from that crowd.

21 October 2016 17:14

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