coffeeneuring 2016; #1

this is my first year coffeeneuring! you can see my previous chasingmailboxes adventure here

i have a theme: stop exclusively at clp locations i haven't yet visited. also, i'm trying to ride slowly enough so i can hatch pokemon eggs while i go, but this is pretty difficult because the max speed is 6.5 mph, which is barely jogging pace.

i met a middle schooler who was out riding the trails with her father, and she was really excited to keep pace with me and chat about schoolteachers she didn't like, her friends who are diehard steelers fans, what color bikes she likes, which of her family members have died recently, what sports her sister plays, and other things that got caught by the wind as we pedaled.

the seat of my pants have been on their way out for a long time, and on this ride, i kept catching the nose of my saddle in the hole. also, the sole of my right shoe has detached so far that it gets stuck around my pedal. maybe i'll get around to patching this someday.

09 October 2016 19:31


i'm down to the last few soft-leaded pencils gifted to me from my late great-uncle, who was the first blood relation that made me believe that i might be a valid human being. the lead has shattered within the core over twenty years of moving, packing, sharpening, angsting. i can feel the wood splinter with a careless turn in the sharpener, and i flinch.

i can still use it like this. i can still hold it tightly enough to keep the last bit of lead from slipping out. i can't even read all the words printed on the side of it anymore, other hand 'hwa', 'drawing', and '6b'.

i remember drawing animals in distress, broken hands, full moons, stretched faces, with this pencil. i remember my great-uncle looking over my shoulder and encouraging me to make more shapes, to look at volumes in the world and think about how falling light creates shadows to define them to our eyes, to adoringly fill my sketchbook with illustrations of my life, my spaces, my dreams.


the rain continues to pour. i watch the radar because i cannot see the clouds from where i am, and i try to guess when the holes will reach me so i can go grocery shopping without getting drenched. whenever i put on my helmet during a break, the rain starts again before i reach the stairs.

welcome to autumn. welcome to days and weeks and months of rain. welcome to waiting for the day when it becomes too cold for the rain to reach the ground.

18 September 2016 21:21